We are thrilled to be adding to our Medbook Solutions team as Jonpaul Taylor joins our roster in the role of Business Development Coordinator.

Taylor brings a wealth of experience from across a wide spectrum. He graduated from Wayne State University in 2017, majoring in English with a minor in criminology. Previously he served as the executive director of a nonprofit in downtown Detroit that aided and funded inner city music and choir classes.

“I was essentially the business operator, handling all of their financials as well. I took that job not long before COVID, so I got a quick trial by fire in terms of the many issues that people in a position like that can face,” Taylor explained. “I quickly learned about PPP loans and how outside factors that are completely out of your control can still heavily impact a business. I was able to see firsthand the financial issues that can potentially crush a business and how you have to handle it to simply survive.”

Taylor said that experience will come in handy at Medbook.

“Even though I came from a nontraditional background, it gave me a unique perspective on how to make a resilient business. When I was first approached by Medbook, as an operator myself I would’ve loved to have that high-touch, easy access to my KPIs and financials that are constantly updated and easy to digest,” Taylor remarked. “I was very intrigued by the business model of Medbook and what they provide to clients. The old school way of bookkeeping just doesn’t cut it anymore. Data is crucial to being able to make strong business decisions and that is changing every hour. Being able to help clients not only understand that but have access is very rewarding.”

In his role, Taylor will focus on client acquisition as well as showcasing the scope of services that Medbook can provide.

“I’m really, really excited about sharing what we can do for our clients. We are designed to take a burden off of a company,” Taylor explained. “Your bookkeeper doesn’t have to be in-house. That involves an onboarding process, the possibility of that employee leaving, that employee needing time off and the added benefits and salary that comes with it. With us, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Furthermore, you should want your financials to be touched every day. This isn’t something that you want to wait around until the end of a month or quarter to find out there is a possible problem.”

Taylor said Medbook really shines in three areas.

“We have become true experts in bookkeeping and accounting for those in the cannabis space. On top of that we provide clients the technology that truly supports that expertise. With that, we are designed for scalability,” Taylor said. “We are designed to come alongside a company that really wants to scale and aid in that process. If a company has already scaled, we can help to support and prop up the financial aspect of their business.”

Medbook’s focus on cannabusinesses and their unique setups and challenges is something that also highly interested Taylor when joining the team.

“The cannabis space is obviously rapidly growing but it is so interesting as well. We’ve really focused on helping with the difficulty that is managing their books in light of 280E and the special rules they face,” Taylor said. “It is a highly scrutinized industry that really requires a lot of expertise and it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in an industry that is just about to explode in the best way.”

Taylor remarked that he is very passionate about cannabis itself and how Medbook is helping clients that are truly making an impact in that field.

“Coming from a criminology background I’ve studied a lot about the crack and opioid epidemics. Cannabis provides an opportunity to treat some illnesses and provide relief in obviously a much safer way,” Taylor explained. “Starting to find a safer alternative is huge. With that being said, cannabis is a new frontier that is actually 10,000 years old. We’re relearning things that were talked about in ancient Greek and Chinese cultures. Cannabis has been used medicinally for a long time but then we lost track of that for about a century. Now, we’re reapplying scientific controls to learn more about that. That is a massive happening and I’m very excited to see what cannabis can do in people’s everyday lives. It’s super important to me to be able to help that industry, especially the places that are doing it the right way.”

Taylor is 27 years old and currently lives in Clinton Township. In his free time, he enjoys writing fiction and poetry, having published several thriller and horror stories in online publications. He also likes playing both the guitar and drums.

He grew up in Roseville and admits that his unique first name is a good icebreaker when meeting people.

“I grew up not far from Detroit and my father was a professor at Wayne State, so I spent quite a bit of time downtown. I have a real passion for Detroit and the city itself. We’re seeing a lot of great things coming out of Detroit now,” Taylor said. “As for my name, I never have been able to find a cup or pen with name on it. My parents wanted something unique and one wanted Jon and one wanted Paul. They kept that spirit in the name and now I’ll always have something very unique.”