In a regular series here on our blog, we highlight some of our most trusted partners, friends and associates. These annual features help to shine a light not only on what these others firms and people can offer, but also what makes them unique in their space and how they can further aid our clients.

Last month, we profiled Bryan McDonald and his team at CPAMD. For April, we are focusing on StashStock, a Michigan outfit that makes the day-to-day operations of a cannabis business significantly easier thanks to their amazing, proprietary technology.

Based in Troy, Michigan, StashStock was started in 2015 but a group of Michiganders all coming from various gigs in the technology sector. Scott Moazzen, a managing partner at the company and the Vice President of Sales, explained how a simple idea eventually led to what the group has accomplished today.

“We (the StashStock partners) all came from tech backgrounds and we could see how the marijuana business was growing in Michigan,” Moazzen remarked. “We really wanted to help this area with some tech support. We could tell that it honestly really did not exist at all in the space and we believed that we could help to make a difference and people’s lives easier.”

StashStock focuses on aiding cannabusinesses with their inventory management. Their exclusive devices and software allow for a system to be set up that is significantly more efficient than the industry standard.

“We specialize in RFID technology,” Moazzen explained. “We use RFID tags to track the plants themselves. Instead of having to painstakingly inventory each plant by scanning an individual barcode you can use our scanner almost as a magic wand. It can audit an entire room in a couple of minutes. A room of 500 plants can be audited in about five to seven minutes. You can properly track these 500 plants in a few minutes instead of having to get down on your hands and knees for each barcode. Not only does this help to automate it, it is roughly 40 times faster than barcode scanning and you have less interaction with the plants which decreases chances for contamination.”

In the marijuana business, staying compliant is everything. State and federal guidelines demand specific tracking, monitoring and auditing of essentially every plant. Michigan follows ‘METRC’ compliance rules which tracks the entire inventory management, reporting and eventual purchasing and reports all of that information to the state. In addition to the scanner, StashStock offers an entire suite of products including scales and specific software that is METRC-certified, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free setup for shops.

“Every state has quirks and slightly different ways they do things. We make sure to offer a way to track your workflow so that it is properly compliant in every statet. This includes the inventory itself and managing the cultivation,” Moazzen said. “Our software and tools cover you from seed to sale. It automatically sends data to the state regulatory body and also reports data back to the business which obviously helps to drive decisions. The beauty of our setup is that not every grow needs every piece. Some just sue the RFID scanner while other clients use the scanner and scale and then some only use the web-based software to track sales and fulfillment. Then of course we have clients that use the entire solution set. We really take pride in helping businesses and not only saving time but offering piece of mind.”

StashStock currently works with growers and shops in ten different states. The group has steadily grown in customers and employees, having recently hired both a Marketing Manager and a Customer Success Manager. StashStock currently manages over 400,000 plants per year across the United States.

“Our customer success is our success. Being able to grow alongside these businesses is incredible,” Moazzen remarked. “We’re honored with every opportunity we earn. We truly feel that we have a responsibility to them and certainly want to make sure they don’t get in trouble. We also really, really appreciate the Michigan businesses that chose us early on. It was a sort of laboratory and those early customers allowed us to work and even fail with them. The loyalty we have to them is quite high.”

Moazzen said working in the support of cannabis also comes with the benefit of helping a relatively new industry grow and gain trust in the community.

“I’m very passionate about what I do and I know the entire team at StashStock is the same. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about cannabis but certainly it is starting to change for the better,” Moazzen said. “When you stop and look at the medical benefits it has it is simply incredible. I’ve seen it help children with epilepsy and my friend’s mother had Stage 4 cancer. She was very frail due to the chemo and cannabis helped her to calm down and also eat, drink and sleep. Seeing that power firsthand really shows what it is all about. To deny that is to deny a truth to the power.”

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