Often, we are asked “What exactly do you do?”

While some may view this as an insult, we view it is an opportunity. Not only can we respond with the virtues and offerings of Medbook Solutions, but it also is a chance to highlight why hiring a boutique accounting firm can greatly aid your business!

To that question, we like to respond with,

“How can you make smart, real-time business decisions when you don’t have access to accurate real-time business intelligence?”

This is EXACTLY where we come in. We are much more than an accounting department that simply makes sure the numbers check out, the reconciliations are correct and the documentation is filed correctly. We strive to go beyond just that and provide ACTIONABLE data. This allows you to see an accurate and clear picture of your business that is ALWAYS up to date.

If you are always playing catching up with your financials or even worse, constantly looking back at what you’ve done? How can you possibly keep moving forward? We firmly believe in driving the car without a blindfold or constantly looking in the rear-view mirror! While we promise to not be a backseat driver or always demand to sit shotgun, we view ourselves as more of a crew chief for a racecar driver, constantly giving insight and information to allow you to keep cruising on.

We’re willing to roll up our sleeves and really dive into your business. How do you know your financials are correct? Getting into the weeds of your operational and financial data is extremely important. We find that as a business grows, their financial management tends to lag behind. Perhaps the tools that were used before to simply get by are now bottlenecks and only cause MORE work. The lack of financial data access and visibility threatens your profit and overall vitality. How can you possibly make smart, real-time business decisions when you don’t have access to accurate real-time business intelligence?

That’s where we can come in. While a possible solution is to hire someone in-house, the cost to add staff bloats overhead costs unnecessarily, not to mention the time it takes them to get up to speed with everything. You have a business to build, a legacy to leave behind. Spending hours and days in the finance department was never part of that plan!

Our goal is simple. To provide you an outsourced option that can help you thrive and succeed. We truly believe in your business and aim to provide solutions that are designed with precision, empathy, kindness and collaboration. Our mission is to empower our clients with the endless opportunities and rewards made possible when you reach remarkable financial health.

We also firmly believe in providing you and your business with a complete financial management solution built for modern times. This includes affordable access to outsourced, managed accounting that utilizes cloud-based technology. This delivers targeted, actionable business intelligence and advisory services that you count on.