At Medbook, we provide a tailored, boutique approach to all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. However, we also provide a true passion for our business.

We also always aim to match the same passion that you have for your business. We always say to a client that your business becomes our baby when you come on board and we will raise it together.

Similar to rearing a child, we understand the early mornings, long nights, work through weekends it takes to start a business. We also fully understand the pride and satisfaction in seeing something you created grow and become everything you wanted it to be.

We will always match that same passion for your organization. When it comes to working with members of the cannabis industry, this feeling is even stronger. We have a true passion for the plant itself and the powerful way it can aid and improve people’s quality of life.

Are you looking for a bookkeeper for your cannabis operation? Or a cannabis technology expert? You’ve absolutely come to the right place.

In the last decade, we’ve worked alongside a multitude of cannabis companies nationwide. As various states have changed rulings or relaxed relegations, we’ve become an expert in the space especially when it comes to the taxation on cannabis stores and how to properly serve as an accounting arm in the cannabis industry. Perhaps you need aid with your 280E expenses? 471? You’ve never heard of either of these numbers? Again, no problem. You’ve come to the right place.

We understand the sensitivity when it comes to the space and truly appreciate the way that you improve your customer’s quality of life and help them to feel better. As you help people with a wide range of health conditions, we can help with a wide range of accounting questions when it comes to cannabis.

We are experts with any accounting and auditing issues in cannabis and have seen it all. While there are constantly changing government regulations at both the state and federal level, we are always on top of it to know exactly how it relates to your business. While popular opinion also changes nationwide on the field of cannabis, we always aim to provide a steady presence that can answer any and all questions while also proactively providing solutions and tips on how to grow your cannabis business.

We help with key considerations like determining how much cash is coming in and how much capital is available to invest back into your place. How quickly are you selling through your cannabis stock and what is the best practice to keep your shelves full via regular bulk orders?

We always aim to dispense great solutions and advice, so you can keep dispensing cannabis. We truly believe in what you are doing and want to aid in that mission.

If you are looking on where to find specific accounting help for cannabis, we would love to chat with you. Schedule a free consultation and we can explore how we can provide a customized solution to all of your accounting needs!