Questions we often hear right off the bat is why should I use a bookkeeper? What is a boutique accounting firm and what can they do for me? Is an outsourced accounting department worth it?

First and foremost, we always want you to see and understand the value we bring to your company. Some may think that hiring someone like us means we will just tabulate a bunch of numbers that could easily be done with a calculator and a spreadsheet. But what if those numbers weren’t recorded correctly in the first place? What if some aspects of your business weren’t invoiced correctly in the first place? Who is there to fact check? More importantly, is someone continuously doing that throughout the year or does someone on staff wait until the very end of the calendar year and hastily get it done amidst a flurry of other unrelated tasks?

Look, we understand that accounting and taxes aren’t the sexiest of topics. Eyes can easily glaze over when talking about the importance of an accounting department or practice. We fully understand, you can call upon our 25 YEARS of experience and showcase how we can truly handle any and all situations and tailor personal service and solution for you.

Furthermore, often we hear, “why not just use something like QuickBooks?” Or why should we consider a boutique firm when the national chain down the street is offering a great sign-up price suspiciously close to the tax deadline. Or, “is it simply easier and cheaper to use some automated, online system?”

While it may sound simple and cliché, our boutique approach to being your bookkeeping service comes with a personal touch. We don’t offshore anything. A real person is ALWAYS doing the work.

That is coupled with software specifically tailored to not only your business but your goals and overall outlook. That is something not found in QuickBooks. We’ll sit down with you and ask, “Did you set a budget for this year? How did that compare to last year and the year before that? What is your current profit margins? What are the margins you’re aiming for? How can we aid in making those line up?” You’ll never hear those questions from your run of the mill place.

We like to think of ourselves as a personal service with powerful solutions. We come alongside you and form a true partnership, not just an area of your business that is outsourced. Yes, we are that extremely crucial department of your organization that never takes a vacation or gets a bonus. You don’t have to worry about onboarding or benefits for us.

But you also get to discuss and discover things with us that the chain down the street or automated service will never do like, what are your key performance indicators? Who can help with expense outlay? Do you know how to identify those KPIs in the first place and why they are CRUCIAL to seeing success?

Most importantly, our team and technology give you something that’s extremely important – time. You now have time that would have otherwise been spent on the elements of your business that we will now handle. You can use that to focus on other areas like growing and expanding. Gone is the worry of managing and maintaining your books. We’ll do that and so much more. We truly aim to become a trusted advisor.

So, are your books a mess? Do you usually just hand your CPA firm a box once a year? Give us a call. How do you look at the financial aspects of your company? If you’re looking at everything a month later, you’re already looking at outdated information.

When you’re running your company, are you constantly looking back or looking forward? If you are driving with your view constantly in the rear-view mirror, you’ll never see the looming obstacles or inevitable hairpin turns. It is obviously imperative that you glance back to see the trends and historical of your company, but you always want to be looking forward. As an established boutique bookkeeping firm, we can help with that.