Run your clinic at peak financial performance

Medbook is the simplest way to maximize the financial health of your physical therapy practice.

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What we do

Medbook is the modern finance department for growth-driven physical therapy practices. It’s affordable, scalable and dramatically optimizes the financial performance and profitability of your clinic.

Outsourced Accounting

Scale seamlessly without adding overhead costs. Eliminate costly accounting errors. Streamline expenses and keep pace seamlessly with regulatory changes.

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Business Intelligence

No more outdated and obsolete financial reports. Custom financial dashboards provide real-time data so you always have an accurate picture of your financial health.

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Financial Advisory

Physical therapy is our expertise. Our certified team will help you track KPIs, analyze financial data and ensure you maximize all growth targets and available profit opportunities.

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Six reasons why physical therapy clinics choose to work with Medbook

Tired of being in the weeds
Medbook allows practice owners to focus on patient care knowing their financial engine is running at peak performance without them.

Lack of financial visibility
Practice managers tell us that their financial reports are usually late, innacurate and obsolete. Our real-time dashboards change that.

Overhead costs are bloated
This one’s easy. Medbook is far more cost efficient than an in-house finance department. Plus, we’re tenacious at constantly finding new cost savings opportunities.

Outdated finance technology
Quickbooks is great when you’re small. But it’s not built for growing practices. It doesn’t support multiple tax IDs and locations. And reporting is lackluster.

Limited industry expertise
Your run of the mill bookkeeper doesn’t have PT industry-specific knowledge to maximize your clinic’s financial performance. We do.

Security and compliance
With data privacy and compliance a hot topic, practice managers want to ensure sensitive data is safe and compliant.

Want more proof outsourcing your financial management tasks is a no-brainer decision?

Good for smaller scale practices

Spending too much time on financial admin tasks? Medbook is the perfect way to transition the finance department hat. And if scaling your business is a key goal, we’ll work together to ensure your financial house is ready for growth opportunities.

Even better for multi-location practices

Medbook was built for multi-location clinics. Unlike Quickbooks, our tech stack is 100% scalable. Financial dashboards can be customized to show any number of data sets. And by switching, you’ll dramatically save on overhead costs.

Getting started is easy and seamless

1. Free Assessment

We also call this the “getting-to-know-you” better phase. It’s where we really dig into the why, what and how of your business. This helps us know how we can best help you.

2. Proposal

Talk is great, but it’s time to put some structure on paper. We’ll create a complete proposal with a transition plan and our best pricing structure.


3. Implement / Refine

An implementation specialist will help things get setup. Dashboards will be up and running within 30 days. And we’ll continue to fine tune things to make sure all systems are working the way you do.

4. Ongoing Support

At the end of 90 days, you’ll get a permanent account manager assigned. They’ll help with questions, quarterly reviews and recommendations to keep your ship sailing smoothly.

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