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View your financials in real time

Understand what the numbers mean

Make smart business decisions that drive your success

You run a successful business.

If there’s revenue coming in, it’s got to be successful…right?

But…what’s behind the surface?

  • Do you really understand your margins?
  • Do you really know your total profits?
  • Do you really have a handle on your expense outlays?

Accurate accounting is HARD

It’s easy to neglect it…until your first audit.

Or until the numbers start imploding.

If you’ ve been putting up with:

  • Overwhelming reports that give you zero meaningful data
  • Outdated platforms that give you an instant headache
  • Constant background worry, because you know your financials are a mess….


A full-service financial team, at your fingertips

Medbook is the modern finance department for growth-driven businesses generating $10M / year in revenue.

We help CEOs dramatically optimize their financial performance and profitability with:

Real-time financials

Actionable insights

High-level advisory

“Our revenue increased 25% since we started with Medbook”

Before, all our financials were manual and super time-consuming. We spent 80 hours a month handling expense reports alone! And with all we were spending on our accountant, we’d still have to email (and email again) for the reports for July halfway through August. It was hard to move the business forward with that kind of holdup.

Now, everything is automated and so easy. I can use my phone to approve accounts payable! And I just log into my dashboard and see all the financials, right up to today. Our revenue has increased 25% in the last 2 years since we started with Medbook.”

Jane, Los Angeles

Our service is:




 — so you save time, money and hassle.

We’re your outsourced CFO

relieving you of accounting headaches and empowering you to make good business decisions.

How we can help your business

Outsourced Accounting

Scale seamlessly without adding overhead costs.

Eliminate costly accounting errors. Streamline expenses and keep pace seamlessly with regulatory changes.

Business Intelligence

No more outdated or obsolete financial reports.

Custom financial dashboards provide real-time data. So you get an accurate, easy-to-understand picture of your business’s financial health 24/7.

Financial Advisory

Our expertise: Businesses aiming to hit $10M per year in revenue.

Our certified team will help you track KPIs, analyze financial data, and ensure you maximize all growth targets and available profit opportunities.

Some of our results:

After switching to Medbook…

A healthcare business with 22+ locations began saving

$50,000 per year

A private-owned company increased overall profits over 1 year by


“Should I really outsource my financial management?”

If you want efficiency and savings on overhead — plus potential to scale your business —  the answer is YES!

We’ve compiled the numbers and benefits of a healthcare company that specializes in outpatient physical therapy.


Why work with MEDBOOK?

You get expert advisors who (really) get to know your business.

We are not a tax-focused accounting firm checking in once per month.

We are in your business, working every day — and developing an intimate understanding of how your operations work.

 This means we can detect problems immediately, streamline your process, and make important recommendations to maintain your financial health.

You get efficient financial service for a low, sustainable cost.

 No more hiring, retaining, and training employees.

No more expensive software costs or upgrades.

When you outsource, your outlay is significantly lower than an in-house accounting department — yet it goes much farther.

You get cutting-edge software that is automated and easy to use.

 Bye-bye Excel sheets. Bye-bye manual input.

Here, everything is digital and in the cloud.

Used the company credit card? No more scanning and emailing. Just take a picture with your phone — and our system automatically integrates the expense.

You get everything in real time.

 No looking in the rearview mirror with historical reports that tell you nothing about today.

No more digging through frightening Excel sheets (or simply praying your guess was right).

 Our dashboard is built for real humans, which means you can instantly access only the numbers you need — without overwhelm or information overload.

You get reports you can actually understand.

 Don’t waste hours on the phone with your accountant deciphering confusing acronyms or making sense of pie charts.

Our grandma-proof system makes the numbers easy and actionable.

We’ll also give you a dashboard tutorial to make sure you know how to find what you’re looking for — and you can ask questions at any time.

You get more tax savings.

 We build a tax-focused dashboard special for your CPA.

So instead of spending days working to unravel mysterious numbers, they can concentrate on tax strategy and valuations — and get you the savings you need.

How it works:


Free Assessment

We also call this the “getting-to-know-you-better” phase. It’s where we really dig into the why, what, and how of your business.

This helps us know how we can best help you.



Talk is great, but it’s time to put some structure on paper.

We’ll create a complete proposal with a transition plan and our best pricing structure.


Implement & Refine

An implementation specialist will help things get set up. Dashboards will be up and running within 60 days.

And we’ll continue to fine tune things to make sure all systems are working the way you do.


Ongoing Support

At the end of 90 days, you’ll get a permanent account manager assigned.

They’ll help with questions, quarterly reviews, and recommendations to keep your ship sailing smoothly.

Stop spending money you don’t have

Every day you’re not outsourcing is a missed opportunity.

Because when you outsource your financial needs, you’ll get MORE:

⇛ MORE expertise

Instead of a handful of employees who may not have an extensive financial background, you get an entire department of financial experts working on your business

⇛ MORE savings

Instead of paying out salaries, benefits, and time off — plus regular trainings and updated software — you get an all-inclusive monthly fee that typically comes in 100% lower than an in-house team

⇛ MORE business opportunities

Instead of nine-to-fivers just clocking in and out, you get a proactive, dedicated manager looking out for ways to boost your bottom line.

Your business structure may be complicated.

Your accounting shouldn’t be.


You already have your way of tracking accounts and paying the bills.

But is it really working?

How much money are you losing each day thanks to messy, unreliable financials?

When you work with an outdated platform driven by manual input (and human error), you’re viewing skewed financial data. You cannot possibly make good business decisions.

And even if your business is complicated — or especially if your business is complicated —we make it simple.

If you have…

  • Multiple locations
  • A handful of EIN accounts
  • Haphazard reporting over recent cycles

We’ve dealt with it before — and we can do it for you.

You’ll be set up in 60 days or less: no drawn out, painful process.

Just clean, accurate financials that ensure you make sound decisions to move your business forward.

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