Our Mission

To empower our clients with the endless opportunities and rewards made possible when you reach remarkable financial health.

About Medbook

We started Medbook because we’re determined to help physical therapy (PT) practices grow their business. Sure, marketing gets all the glory when we talk about growth. But your financial management process plays a bigger role than you might think.

We find that as PT clinics grow, their financial management process lags behind. The tools and workarounds you used before are now bottlenecks. The lack of financial data access and visibility threatens your profit and overall business vitality. The cost to add staff bloats overhead costs unecessarily. And frankly, you got into this business to help people heal. Maybe even to build something special. A legacy that you can leave behind. Spending days in the finance department weeds was never part of the plan.

Our goal is simple. We help physical therapy practices thrive and succeed. Behind you is a team of experts that truly believes that your physical therapy business deserves solutions designed with empathy, kindness and collaboration.

We also believe it’s time you had a complete financial management solution built for modern times. One that includes affordable access to outsourced accounting, cloud-based technology that delivers actionable business intelligence, and advisory services.

Ready to step into the future of financial management for your practice? It’s already here. And just a friendly, no-pressure conversation away.

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