Business Intelligence


See your full financial picture to make smart business decisions

Don’t just know what happened. Know exactly why it happened. With our cloud-based tools, your financial data is always at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere and from any device. Customizable dashboards let you see overview snapshots. Or, you can configure drill down reports for any part of your practice. In short, when you can see your entire financial picture, you make better decisions.

Real-time financial data
Cloud-based financial tools give you access to accurate up-to-the-minute financial data. You can access your data anytime and from anywhere. That means no more late and obsolete reports and better decision-making.

User-defined reports
Dashboard and reports can be tailored for any situation. For example, a custom dashboard can have customizable reports for your CPA, while another configuration could be created for your marketing manager.

See what matters
We’ll help you identify key KPIs to track and monitor. We can then help you create custom dashboards that give you a quick overview — or deep dive— into the metrics that matter most to you.

Performance scorecards
Highlight trends in key metrics
using dashboard visualizations that show actual values, period changes, and variance from budget. It makes your key metrics accessible so you can make smart and quick decisions.

Multi-location friendly
Unlike Quickbooks, our platform seamlessly handles multiple tax IDs and entities. Plus, you can create consolidated reports aggregating data from all locations or one.

Budget vs. Actuals
Want to know if your staying on budget or blowing past it? Incorporate budget analytics into financial reports to track relative performance.

Operational activity
Want to know the actual costs to acquire new patients or clients? What about allocations for larger expenses? Your operational reports can be easily configured to show dozens of types of records like total new clients, total visits, transaction times, and more.

Ready for a mobile world
Whether you’re on your mobile or tablet, all your dashboards and reports are automatically optimized for your device of choice.

Keep data secure
Strict data security standards ensure all your sensitive data is secure. And not just from potential cyberattacks. User privilege controls allow you to set access restrictions for employees.

Ready to upgrade to game-changing financial technology?