Outsourced Accounting


Scalable, cost-efficient, and smart

Are you spending too much time on the books instead of focusing on what you love? Is your business growing and adding profit-killing overhead? Then outsourced accounting is a no-brainer decision. Medbook saves you money and reduces overhead costs. Our modern cloud-based financial tools are a game-changer. And best of all, you can reclaim precious time knowing your financials are seamlessly managed by industry experts.

Standard accounting services

Daily transaction processing
Bank account and credit card reconciliation
Automated expense reporting and processing
Payroll admin and integration with your provider
Real-time transparent reporting

Why outsourcing is the obvious choice

Reduce your overhead
Arguably the biggest advantage. Why take on the cost of full-time employees when you can have a dedicated team without the expense of salary, payroll tax and benefits?
Improve operational efficiency
Outsourcing allows for new streamlined processes to be implemented. This will translate into saved time and effort, allowing you to focus on what you love.

Reduce technology costs
Minimize spend on software and technology. We’ll carefully migrate your finance system to our powerful cloud-based platform.

Your data anytime, anywhere
Now that your data is safely on the cloud, you’ll have real-time access to customizable financial dashboards that give you clear visibilty into every aspect of your business.

Industry expertise
Our team experts know your business inside and out. From staying on top of KPIs (metrics and stats) to integrating data from your industry specific software, we’ve got it all covered.

Scale, scale away
Outsourcing allows you to scale seamlessly. And not just one way. If you need to scale back for some reason, you can do so at any time while enjoying all the same benefits.

Math you can’t argue with*

When you compare the cost of adding staff vs. outsourcing accounting, there is no comparison. Just take a look at the following sample table comparing an in-house accountant vs. outsourced accounting.

* Sample comparison based on average salaries sourced from Glassdoor.com and average payroll taxes and employee benefits percentages.

Want more proof outsourcing your financial management tasks is a no-brainer decision?